Jay Basra - Mid Ulster

This election is a crucial date for the future of our Union. I was born and raised in Mid Ulster and educated in my hometown of Cookstown. I am immersed in the community where I attend Orritor Presbyterian Church and am a member of the Loyal Orders. As a local, I understand the priorties for this constituency. The most prominent and pressing issue of these is the lack of representation. We suffer the burden of an abstentionist MP who refuses to take his seat, leaving us without an advocate at Westminster to support this constituency.


I work in MLA Tom Elliott's office in Dungannon, so I have significant experience dealing with and resolving constituent issues. Moreover, I am studying History and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast where I am actively involved in Young Unionism. I wholeheartedly believe the future of our Union and Northern Ireland is dependent on young people coming forward to carry the torch and lead us forward into prosperity.