We will study the detail of new Protocol deal – Beattie

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We will study the detail of new Protocol deal – Beattie

UUP Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“We will study what has been released in detail with the attention and careful consideration that it deserves.  We will be reflecting on whether the proposals take into consideration the concerns that we have raised and whether it truly provides long-lasting solutions.


“Let me be clear.  We are not here to simply give cover to anyone.  We will form our opinion based on whether we believe this is a good deal for Northern Ireland and one which protects our place within the United Kingdom’s Internal Market.  


“Finally, it is important to acknowledge that we were told this was something that couldn’t be done.  If we had listened to those who said the EU had gone as far as they could then we would not have reached this point.  I am proud of the role my Party has played in engaging across the UK, European Union and beyond in making the pro-union case on the problems caused by the Protocol and in bringing the EU back to the negotiating table.”