We must support Ukrainian resistance – Aiken

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We must support Ukrainian resistance – Aiken

Dr Steve Aiken OBE MLA said:

“The news of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine should be a wake-up call to all of us. The lessons from history show that appeasement of international bullies achieves nothing.  In fact, it is counterproductive.


“We welcome the news today about the range of economic sanctions as well as the German Government’s refusal to certify Nord Stream 2.  However, we must ensure that we continue to support the Ukrainian resistance and reinforce our NATO security and flanks. We should be in no doubt that disinformation, cyber-attacks, and other forms of disruptive hybrid warfare will be utilised against us.  Indeed our nation, including Northern Ireland, will not be immune.


“Our Party would also encourage that the cuts proposed in our Army are reversed, and that investment in our maritime, air, space and cyber defences is now increased –commensurate with the increased threat. We cannot allow Putin to succeed”