Victims of IRA atrocities deserve truth – Beattie

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Victims of IRA atrocities deserve truth – Beattie

Ulster Unionist Party Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA has paused to remember the victims of the IRA as we approach the 50th anniversary of Bloody Friday. Today also marks the anniversary of the IRA`s callous bomb attacks in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park forty years ago.

Doug Beattie said:

“Today (20 July) marks the 40th Anniversary of the Hyde Park and Regent’s Park bombings in which the IRA left 11 dead and at least 51 injured. Four of the dead were members of the Household Cavalry and seven were bandsmen in the Royal Greenjackets.

“It was a dreadful day that caused carnage and suffering, with the families of the victims enduring pain and grief to this very day.

“Thursday marks the 50th Anniversary of the IRA’s mass bomb attacks on the City and people of Belfast, which became known as Bloody Friday. These cowardly attacks were typical of the cruel and barbaric nature of the Provisional IRA, deliberately targeting innocent civilians to instil fear in the population.

“On Bloody Friday over 20 bombs were detonated across the City in 80 minutes, most within a half hour period, killing nine people and injuring another 130.

“The murderous  template of Bloody Friday and the targeting of civilians was followed in further IRA bomb attacks on civilians in Claudy a mere ten days later on 31 July 1972, Coleraine on 12 June 1973, La Mon in February 1978 and of course in Omagh in August 1998 to name but a few.

“There are those today who wish to whitewash the crimes of the IRA and rewrite the history of the Troubles. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to pursuing police officers and soldiers for events of 50 years ago, whilst taking great offence if the Police seek to even question republicans about the atrocities committed by the IRA.

“The modern-day Sinn Fein leadership cannot lecture anyone about truth and justice as long as they venerate the perpetrators of crimes such as Bloody Friday, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, and attempt to justify their actions. The families of the victims of the IRA murdered in those cowardly attacks deserve truth and justice.

“The so-called ‘republican movement’ holds the truth about many murders and maimings including those responsible for Bloody Friday, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. They may want the world to forget about the crimes of the IRA and focus instead on the actions of the security forces who were battling desperately to prevent even greater loss of life and prevent a full scale civil war from breaking out, but they will not be allowed to succeed. We pause to remember the innocent victims of the IRA murdered on Bloody Friday, in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, as they went about their daily business.”