UUP respond to speech by Lord Frost

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UUP respond to speech by Lord Frost

“The speech by Lord Frost clearly sets out the dynamic of the changing relationships across Europe. That the UK Government now identifies sorting out the unequal protocol as a priority is to be welcomed."


“The recognition that the protocol is not working should be self-evident to everyone.  Anyone who has a grasp of the provisions of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement will note that the principle of consent is fundamental and that at the very least the protocol does not have the consent of the Unionist and pro-Union population.


“That Lord Frost is asking the EU to help maintain the delicate balance between the communities in Northern Ireland should give those in Brussels and Dublin pause to consider the way in which they wish to conduct the critical negotiations that will follow. We, in the UUP, also look forward to the EU’s proposals and the new legal texts being put forward by London.


“We will consider all of these closely and we would encourage all stakeholders, in particular those in Dublin, to be particularly careful in further avoiding inflaming tensions”