UUP Respond to Kingsmill Coroners findings

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UUP Respond to Kingsmill Coroners findings

Speaking after the Coroner delivered his verdict, Ulster Unionist Party Leader, Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“It is 8 years since the inquest into the Kingsmill massacre of 10 workmen began. It has failed at every level; failed to give the families confidence that they would receive information into the loss of their loved ones, failed to identify publicly those responsible for this horrific crime although they are known. It also failed to move the Irish government into finally giving up their secrets into this vile episode of our troubled past in an open and transparent manner. The promises of the then Taoiseach - Enda Kenny – have proved to be hollow and lacking in substance.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victims’ families who have had to endure this fiasco and, in the end, it was too much for many of the families as they withdrew from the process. I would particularly like to pay tribute to Alan Black, the sole survivor of the atrocity, for his fortitude and dignity. This last 8 years has taken a toll on him both physically and mentally. I would also like to pay tribute to Danny Kennedy for his commitment to the families over many years. He and Kenny Donaldson at the South-East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) deserve recognition for the support they have given the families.

“We now have to look towards the United Kingdom Government and ask them to do the right thing and hold an inquiry into the Kingsmill massacre, making public the information that has been made known to them via the security services since that fateful day.

Former UUP MLA and Kingsmill campaigner, Danny Kennedy said:-

“This is indeed a very dark day for Alan Black and the Kingsmill families. They have every right to feel desperately angry and let down, as I do, having supported their campaign for justice over these long years.

“The justice system has failed them.

“The Coroner has let them down.

“The security services have betrayed them.

“And the Irish authorities are nothing more than contemptible hypocrites.

“It is nothing short of disgraceful and disgusting that, after over 48 years of seeking answers to what happened at Kingsmill, we really are no further on today. I’m devastated.

“It is now imperative that public representatives demand a full, independent public inquiry – nothing else will do.

“The blood of the innocent cries out from the ground”.