Urgent action needed to help Motorists facing MOT delays – Stewart

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Urgent action needed to help Motorists facing MOT delays – Stewart

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Infrastructure Spokesperson, John Stewart MLA, has called on the Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd to provide urgent clarity and assurances to motorists facing lengthy delays in getting MOT tests.

John Stewart said:

“The situation facing motorists with regard to MOT test delays is simply not acceptable and action must be taken now.  

“Many people trying to get a test date are facing delays of literally months and are at serious risk of being unable to get their vehicles tested before their current MOT certificates expire.

“The delays are due to a combination of Covid shutdowns and equipment issues - MOT tests were suspended in January 2020 after concerns emerged over cracks in lift equipment.

“People are worried that their insurance might be invalidated if they were to be in an accident in a vehicle that has not passed an MOT. Furthermore, cars cannot be taxed without a valid MOT certificate.

“None of this is the fault of any motorist and it is totally unfair that they should be the ones penalised for a situation which is not of their making and over which they have no control. Motorists both require and deserve clarity and assurances as to how they stand legally and the Infrastructure Minister John O`Dowd needs to urgently tell the public what plans he is putting in place to address these unacceptable delays.”