Ulster Unionists remember Teebane massacre 30 years on

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Ulster Unionists remember Teebane massacre 30 years on

The Ulster Unionist Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA has remembered the eight workmen murdered by the IRA as they travelled home in a work van thirty years ago.

Doug Beattie said;

“On 17 January 1992 eight men were travelling home in a work van after a day’s honest toil. They did not make it home to their loved ones because the IRA decided to plant a roadside bomb at Teebane crossroads in County Tyrone.    

“Thirty years on the survivors still live with the pain caused by injuries on that day and the families of those who died all live with the pain of loss. Nobody has been found guilty of this crime, there has been no inquiry into this atrocity, no Ombudsman has sought to shine a light.

“To this very day, Sinn Fein politicians have no shame in justifying the bloody campaign of the IRA and attend commemorations of those involved in IRA violence. In May 2020 Mary Lou McDonald described it as ‘a justified campaign.’ Those words speak for themselves.

“As I stood yesterday at the service to remember the innocent working men who were murdered that day, the contrast between those men, and the cowards who murdered them could not have been starker. My thoughts as always are with the innocent victims of terror and their families.”