Ulster Unionists pay tribute to Rev Robert Bradford

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Ulster Unionists pay tribute to Rev Robert Bradford

The Ulster Unionist Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA has paid tribute to the Rev Robert Bradford and Kenneth Campbell who were murdered 40 years ago this weekend.         

Doug Beattie said;

“On Saturday 14th November 1981 an IRA gang murdered the South Belfast Ulster Unionist MP Rev Robert Bradford and Kenneth Campbell, caretaker of the Finaghy community centre where Rev Bradford was holding a constituency surgery.

“These were brutal murders that still managed to shocked a Northern Ireland that had become hardened by twelve years of terrorist violence. The true fascist nature of the IRA was laid bare for the world to see as a democratically elected MP was gunned down as he met with constituents.  

“Our thoughts this weekend are with the family of Rev Robert Bradford and Mr Campbell.

“Forty years on their families are as entitled to truth and justice as anyone else. It should also be noted that the gun used to murder them was used later to murder Judge William Doyle and Mary Travers.

“A politician, a lawyer and a schoolteacher. All ‘legitimate targets’ in the eyes of the IRA. Sinn Fein politicians today who are only too happy to venerate IRA murderers need to understand that we will not allow the horrific nature of their crimes to be whitewashed.”