Robbie Butler MLA has condemned the terrorist attack on Israel

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Robbie Butler MLA has condemned the terrorist attack on Israel

Mr Butler said, “A terrorist attack on Israel, perpetrated by Hamas, has thrown the region into war. It has left dozens dead and hundreds wounded, bodies paraded through the streets being defiled by onlookers. There are multiple captives and a danger that it could drag Hezbollah into the latest violence.

“The aftermath will see many more innocent men, women and children killed, homes and livelihoods destroyed, and misery on an unbelievable scale.

“Such acts, as with any act of terror, must be condemned in the strongest sense by all right-minded people. To act or comment on this horror with triumphalism is nothing short of abhorrent.

“Therefore, I was shocked and disgusted to see a People Before Profit MLA - Gerry Carrol - tweet 'victory to the Palestinian resistance' as these images were being broadcast on our screens.

“Promoting violence and a terrorist attack in this manner is not acceptable and brings Stormont into disrepute. On behalf of the Ulster Unionist Party MLA group, my Party Leader is reporting him and his comments to the Standards Commissioner.

“At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with all those caught up in this terrorist assault and hope a peaceful resolution can be found that prevents further bloodshed and death.”