Our Health Service will always be worth fighting for – Chambers

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Our Health Service will always be worth fighting for – Chambers

As the NHS reaches the important milestone of its 75th anniversary, yet at the same time faces unprecedented levels of pressure, UUP Health Spokesperson Alan Chambers MLA has said it’ll always be a service worth fighting for.


The North Down MLA said:


“With the NHS reaching 75 years in existence it’s only right that we take a moment to reflect and to appreciate just how far it has come in that time. It has saved innumerable lives whilst welcoming the safe delivery of millions of others. It has placed the UK firmly as a global leader in transformative medical treatments and interventions, and it’s become one of the very most significant employers that we have.

“Yet despite the progress, the system both here in Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom has never faced so much pressure.  Increasing waiting times, rising demand, huge uncertainty over future funding and unprecedented levels of staff industrial dispute are all huge issues in their own right. Yet together they reveal a system that is genuinely facing the most critical juncture at any point in its 75 years of existence.

“So we have a choice. We can either sit back and allow the uncertainty and general deterioration to continue, or we can renew our entire approach to health and social care. One that is adequately funded, that provides treatment as and when people require it and one that has preventative measures at its core. In all of this it is vitally important we have staff across the system that feel not only appreciated  but also fully valued for their endeavours.

“The NHS has faced many challenges over many years. Yet just as it stepped up during the pandemic I am confident that with the right political and societal support it can overcome these latest challenges also. That is why I'll always believe it is a service worth cherishing and fighting for.”