Only the voters have the power to decide this election – Beattie

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Only the voters have the power to decide this election – Beattie

UUP Leader Doug Beattie MC said:

“There are parties acting as if the poll has already closed and all the votes have been counted.  The fact is that it is the voter who has the power to decide the outcome of this election.  The DUP and Sinn Fein know that the public are hungry for change and are deploying the same old tactics to save their own skin.

 “If you want change, then vote for it.  The Ulster Unionist Party can win this election.  We can lead Northern Ireland and provide positive, progressive government. Stormont must be invested in your future and for that to happen we need to elect MLAs who are willing to work together to build a better Northern Ireland.

 “The politics of fear cannot win over the politics of hope.  It has held us back as a country for far too long.  We can achieve incredible things and do justice to the amazing place we live, but only if we have the confidence to vote for better.

 “If we do not change how we vote, then nothing will change.  We will have more years of stalemate and failure.  I and my candidates can win this election and we know we can deliver better.  We know just how many of you are considering voting Ulster Unionist in this election.  If you do, you will be voting for a Party who can, and will, lead a better Northern Ireland.”