Omagh families deserve truth and justice – Elliott

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Omagh families deserve truth and justice – Elliott

UUP MLA Tom Elliott said:

“The Omagh families have had a long and difficult journey in the pursuit of truth and justice for their loved ones who were murdered by the Real IRA.  I hope that today they feel they have taken a step forward in their search for answers.     


“Now that the UK Government have set out their next steps, I would be interested to hear from the Irish Government on how they intend to deal with their clear responsibilities to providing answers, given the strong cross-border element to this bomb attack.  The same judgement that has laid the path for today’s announcement by the Secretary of State of an independent statutory review also made clear that the Irish Government should take similar steps.  They have been poor in fulfilling their responsibilities when it comes to terrorism that emanated from south of the border, they cannot be found wanting again in this instance.    


“Of course, the responsibility ultimately is on the lap of those who planned and planted the bomb in Omagh.  They did so in a busy street they knew would be full of people doing their shopping on a Saturday.  It is vital that the families of those murdered in this vile act of terror have every opportunity to seek truth and justice.”