Non-teaching staff deserve fair pay and employment terms - Allen

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Non-teaching staff deserve fair pay and employment terms - Allen

 Speaking after meeting with Union representatives and non-teaching staff in East Belfast, UUP Communities spokesperson, Andy Allen MBE MLA stated:

 “It is shameful that this dispute has still to be resolved. Those who have been forced to strike are the foundation of our education system, without them our schools simply cannot function.

 “That so many are working in challenging roles for less than they could earn elsewhere without the burden their current role places on them, shows their commitment and dedication to our children. That commitment and dedication should be recognised by EA and, in the absence of a sitting Executive, the Westminster government.

 “The ongoing failure to deliver a functioning Assembly at Stormont is placing all these key staff in increasing financial hardship. As we approach winter and Christmas, it is simply unacceptable for those who have the ability to resolve this issue to stand idly by. Whilst I will never simply suggest that having an Executive and Assembly will be a panacea, I am clear that a functioning Executive and Assembly fighting for and representing Northern Ireland is much better than having no voice.

“As I do not expect the DUP to resolve their issues this side of Christmas, I have written, with the support of my party leader and our full Assembly team, to the Secretary of State, asking him to stop playing politics with the people of Northern Ireland. It is apparent a financial settlement will be forthcoming upon the restoration of the devolved institutions; therefore, it is incomprehensible that public services continue to be squeezed until the Government can reach an agreement with the DUP, when in fact this much needed funding could be allocated forthwith."