McCready condemns cowards behind attacks in the North West

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McCready condemns cowards behind attacks in the North West

Londonderry Ulster Unionist Councillor Ryan McCready has described the people behind the spate of recent attacks in Londonderry and Strabane as absolute cowards and warned that local people will not be intimidated.

Alderman Ryan McCready said:

“Over this past week there have been a number of attacks in Londonderry and Strabane. These have been attacks on the entire community and the one heartening thing is the outright condemnation that has resulted from right across the political spectrum and from every shade of opinion.

“My message to the people responsible is very straightforward. You are absolute cowards, nobody wants you in society, you are the dregs of society and the people of this City and district will stand up to you and won’t be intimidated.

“The days of the men and women of violence using intimidation, threats or real violence are long gone. People want the chance now to live in peace with their neighbours. They know that violence is futile and only ends up creating misery and filling prisons and graveyards.

“They want their children to be able to go to school and receive their education that opens the pathway to jobs and opportunities. They want to be able to go to work and provide for their families. And they want their elderly relatives to live in their own homes free from fear. All that was disrupted by security alerts and bomb attacks this past week.

“If anyone has a problem with policing or politics then let them stand for election and seek the support of the people of Londonderry, Strabane or anywhere else in Northern Ireland. That is how change is achieved, with the support of the people.

“Once again I would appeal to anyone who can help the police to catch these gangsters to come forward with information and get these people removed from society so we can return to living without fear.”