Lord Frost`s replacement needs to be appointed quickly – Beattie

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Lord Frost`s replacement needs to be appointed quickly – Beattie

Following the announcement of Lord Frost`s resignation as a Cabinet Minister, Ulster Unionist Party leader, Doug Beattie MC MLA, said:

“The negotiations on the Northern Ireland protocol are moving in a sequential manner, first with medicines, then trade, the democratic deficit and the role of the ECJ. Following the resignation of Lord Frost, it is important that a new lead negotiator is put in place quickly who understands the issues that need to be dealt with.


“The protocol negotiations are at a critical juncture and what we need to see are solutions that remove the Irish Sea border and fully respect Northern Ireland`s place within the United Kingdom. Progress has been made, but this doesn`t disguise the fact that many major outstanding problems remain. Northern Ireland cannot be the collateral damage due to the instability within the Boris Johnston Government yet again.


“Through continued political engagement we have secured changes in the protocol which we were told couldn`t be done. Through engagement, not threats, we will secure further protocol change which must be future proofed.”