Leadership required in response to cost of living crisis - Allen

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Leadership required in response to cost of living crisis - Allen

East Belfast Ulster Unionist Party MLA and Communities Spokesperson Andy Allen MBE has called on the DUP to restore the Executive to respond to the cost of living crisis.

Andy Allen said:


“For months colleagues and I have been highlighting the impact of the cost of living crisis and the impact it was having on many across Northern Ireland. In the last number of weeks we have seen a surge in individuals contacting my constituency office requesting help due to increasing financial hardship. Likewise, I know this has been the case for many of our charities. The reality on the ground is there are so many individuals and families who have been pushed beyond the brink by the spiralling costs, that they are struggling to keep up with the daily increases resulting in them being unable to afford everyday essentials such as food, heating and electricity.


“Everyone will be aware of hundreds of millions of pounds available at Stormont that could be used to help those who are suffering. The easiest and most logical way for this money to be allocated is through a functioning Executive. I understand that many would support the DUP and agree with the decision to remove the First Minister. The Protocol is an important issue for many within the Unionist community that needs to be resolved.  


“However, the simple truth is that removing the First Minister makes no difference to the impact the protocol is having, but it does however impact on the help we in the Assembly can offer to those facing unbelievable financial hardship – this needs to be addressed.


“That is why today I am asking every person who would support the DUP, every DUP Councillor and MLA to speak with their party leader and ask him to appoint a First Minister on Monday morning.


“The financial hardship being faced by so many across Northern Ireland is the single biggest challenge we face today. We need to do everything we can to support those who simply cannot keep up with daily price increases.


“Leadership requires making tough decisions and I would call on every member and supporter of the DUP to indicate to their party leader that appointing a First Minister for the next two weeks could save lives.”