Jim Nicholson pays tribute to Lord Trimble

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Jim Nicholson pays tribute to Lord Trimble

The Ulster Unionist Party’s former MEP Jim Nicholson has paid tribute to Lord Trimble, describing him as a man of great intellect and courage.

Jim Nicholson said:

“David Trimble will long be remembered for his strength and determination which was crucial in moving Northern Ireland to a better place.  

“Without his drive and belief of what was achievable, I have no doubt that the process would have failed.

“It was his vision and foresight which was required at that time. Indeed, had he received more support then, there is no telling what he might have been able to accomplish. It is only now that some people are realising what an asset David Trimble’s strategic thinking was to the cause of Unionism and Northern Ireland as a whole.

“I have no doubt history will judge him kindly and that he will be recognised for the man of great intellect and courage which he most certainly was.

“I would like to express my deepest sympathies to Daphne and the entire family circle as they come to terms with their loss.”