The Ulster Unionist Party is committed to mitigating Climate Change and has joined with other parties in the NI Assembly to co-sponsor a Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is a significant net exporter of agri-food products with nearly 50% of all agri-food products produced in Northern Ireland consumed in the rest of the UK. The independent Climate Change Commission has said that for the UK to reach Net Zero target a fair contribution from NI would be an 82% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. The Ulster Unionist party welcomes this intervention from the independent committee and has accepted its recommendation and will target an 82% or better reduction in greenhouse gases for Northern Ireland as part of the ongoing UK Climate Action Plan.

The UK government has launched a Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution which brings together ambitious policies and significant new public investment, while seeking to mobilise private investment. Two centuries ago the UK, with Northern Ireland and Belfast at its heart, led the world’s first Industrial Revolution and by investing in clean technologies – wind, carbon capture, hydrogen and many others – Britain intends to lead the world into a New Green Industrial Revolution.

The Ulster Unionist Party, as the leading party of Unionism, is committed to Northern Ireland contributing its fair share to the UK’s Net Zero commitments and to delivering a New Green Industrial Revolution through working closely with Her Majesty’s Government in Westminster, the private sector and the City of London and the other devolved administrations to ensure that the nationally announced plans and investments are delivered and funded fully in Northern Ireland.