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Enhancement of Protocol related infrastructure at Northern Ireland ports is unacceptable - Elliott

Ulster Unionist Party DAERA spokesperson, Tom Elliott MLA, has said the UK government are playing the role of a double agent by indicating the Westminster Protocol Bill is acting in the best interests of Northern Ireland, but then announcing the enhancement of the checks at local ports for incoming goods that are going onward to the EU.

Following the publication of a letter from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs late this afternoon (Wednesday 28th December 2022), Tom Elliott MLA, said:


“In what appears to be UK appeasement of the EU to enhance checks at Northern Ireland ports, there is no indication of anything positive coming from the UK Protocol legislation that will resolve the issues of the Protocol in Northern Ireland. The UK Government seems to be giving whilst getting nothing in return.


“It is time that we were provided with information on the progress of the negotiations between the UK and EU to establish if there is anything positive for those transporting goods into Northern Ireland.


“Many hauliers indicate that the paperwork associated with the Protocol is significantly adding to their workload and expense. There is nothing in this announcement to indicate that will be removed for ‘Green Lane’ goods, specifically those goods that remain in Northern Ireland.


“Unfortunately this announcement is enhancing the Protocol, which could potentially be to the detriment of addressing the core issues and ongoing problems.”