Elliott Meets Attorney General About Troubles Legacy Cases

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Elliott Meets Attorney General About Troubles Legacy Cases

Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott has met with the Northern Ireland Attorney General, Dame Brenda King, to express concerns at the perceived imbalance in Troubles legacy cases being directed for inquests.

Mr Elliott said, "There needs to be clear recognition of the historical facts that 90% of the Troubles murders and killings were carried out by terrorists.

"It seems that the majority of Attorney General referrals to Coroner Inquests appear to have allegations against the security services.

"I have requested details of the number of cases that have been referred to Dame Brenda King and the number she has directed for Coroner Inquests.

“Many families of murdered security forces members are extremely annoyed and frustrated at the lack of action and progress to find answers for them in relation to the murder of their family member.

“The security force members provided a role to support and protect the entire community in Northern Ireland, living with a personal threat at all times, those who were murdered, whether in the line of duty or off duty, sometimes at home with their family, deserve to have every available avenue pursued to bring justice for those horrendous acts of murder.”