Economy Minister's written statement is a lot of nothing - Nesbitt

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Economy Minister's written statement is a lot of nothing - Nesbitt

Mike Nesbitt MLA, Ulster Unionist Party Economy Spokesperson, has labelled the Economy Minister`s Written Statement to the Northern Ireland Assembly about the Global Energy Crisis as a lot of nothing.

Mr Nesbitt said:


“At a time when the people of Northern Ireland require leadership, they are instead receiving mediocrity. Across Northern Ireland we have businesses closing their shutters for the last time, individuals and families relying on food banks to eat and people seeking refuge in shopping centres for heat, but we don’t even have a government to develop and deliver intervention.


“No one is saying any one department or that even an Executive can address all the problems, but importantly there could be more support and intervention offered than that which is available presently.


“We know the situation is not unique, but the difference across the United Kingdom is that each region has a government working to deliver support and intervention, but Northern Ireland does not.


“The Economy Minister’s statement failed to mention what he will do to support businesses or what steps he is taking to work with ministerial colleagues to provide as much support and intervention as possible.”