Doug Beattie MC MLA, eve-of-poll message.

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Doug Beattie MC MLA, eve-of-poll message.

Ulster Unionist Leader, Doug Beattie MC MLA, has made the following statement.

"Over recent weeks, Ulster Unionist candidates and supporters have knocked tens of thousands of doors and engaged in towns and villages right across Northern Ireland.

"The resounding message coming from those we have spoken to is that Northern Ireland wants change.

"Change in how Northern Ireland is represented at Westminster, change from those whose only contribution is to abstain or complain.

"Sinn Fein will not take their seats, the DUP have placed Northern Ireland in its’ worst position in a hundred years, creating a sea border that separates us from the rest of the UK.

"The Alliance party are not sure what they want, they are not even sure what a woman is.

"Tomorrow, you have a choice to vote for change, to return excellent candidates to Westminster who will stand on a platform of championing all that is good about Northern Ireland. They will stand strong on calling for the new government to provide what is required for our health service, our schools and our most vulnerable and excluded citizens.

"Tomorrow you can vote for change that will improve your life, your community and create a better future for all across Northern Ireland.

"Tomorrow, Vote Ulster Unionist."