Delivering a unified, coherent public health message is beyond the DUP - Chambers

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Delivering a unified, coherent public health message is beyond the DUP - Chambers

Following comments from the DUP Economy Minister, Gordon Lyons MLA, Ulster Unionist Health spokesperson, Alan Chambers MLA, said:

“Gordon Lyons’ comments are a last-minute attempt by the DUP to undermine what was the agreed position of the Executive. The DUP had the power to veto this decision, but they didn`t do it.


“What the Economy Minister`s comments will do unfortunately is undermine public confidence and adherence to the joint message that the First and Deputy First Ministers gave on Tuesday while standing alongside the Health Minister. The reality is that we are facing a serious situation with regards to rising Covid figures.


“As for Gordon Lyons` focus on the Department of Health, it`s almost as if he doesn`t realise that the Covid Taskforce sits under the First and deputy First Minister, and the Executive Office has a central role in the delivery of its actions. Trying to pretend that everything falls to Robin Swann and the Dept of Health is disingenuous as well as cheap political chicanery, which is also notable as he didn't address his letter to the Alliance, SDLP or Sinn Fein Ministers and decided to fixate on Robin.


“The only way to deliver a comprehensive plan to rising Covid cases and protect our Health Service is through a unified, coherent Executive response. Regrettably, once again that seems to be beyond the DUP.


“It is also wrong to present the proposals purely as a covid passport scheme. You can also gain entry to premises and events by providing proof of negative lateral flow tests or proof of covid antibodies. This is exactly what many senior DUP politicians have done in recent weeks when they attended various sporting events and travelled abroad.


“The real threat to customer confidence will be covid and the fear of covid, not measures which are being put in place to provide reassurance.”