Butler raises concerns about the rising costs of childcare

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Butler raises concerns about the rising costs of childcare

Today, Employers for Childcare have published results from a recent poll conducted with childcare providers which has found that 73% of providers have either increased their fees to parents since the start of 2024 or plan to do so before the end of June.

As the cost of living continues to rise, childcare providers have no other option than to raise their fees to cover their overheads and as a consequence, families are burdened with increased charges. Currently, the average increase in fees is 14%.

Education spokesperson, Robbie Butler MLA said, “It has been once again shown that the childcare sector here in Northern Ireland is on its’ knees. Childcare providers are struggling to cover their overheads as the cost of living rises and, as a result, there is no option but for these costs to be passed on to families. Sadly, we have already lost a significant well-established provider in Lisburn, and we cannot afford to lose another.

“Today’s publication reinforces what we have been saying for months. It emphasises that the sector and parents continue to struggle financially with these growing costs and the threat of closure is very real.

“When the Assembly returned, a motion was brought forward calling for High-Quality Affordable Childcare, which was unanimously supported by the Assembly. However, whilst there has been an Executive commitment, cross-departmental discussions need to be expedited to assess how they plan to move forward and finance an Early Years Childcare Strategy that will alleviate the financial pressures on the sector and families.”