Butler emphasises need to focus on human traffickers

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Butler emphasises need to focus on human traffickers

On publication of the Supreme Court ruling that unanimously stated that the Governments Rwanda plan breached international agreements, Ulster Unionist Deputy Leader Robbie Butler has commented.

“The judgement highlights the fundamental position that Government must ensure it acts within the international agreements it has committed to.

“Unauthorised immigration is a growing concern for many people across the United Kingdom, but how we address it must be done in a manner that protects the rights and legal responsibilities of all involved.

“I fully support the call that we should be working with partners across the world to identify, apprehend and imprison those who benefit from the fear and suffering of vulnerable people seeking safety by running despicable human trafficking rings.

“We need only consider the deaths of the 39 Vietnamese men and women, in 2020 who died in the trailer of a lorry due to lack of oxygen, to understand the inhumanity of those who would profit from people smuggling.

“We are living in very troubled times, with war and despair across the globe. While it is essential that we do all we can to protect our borders and manage unauthorised immigration, particularly from those who financially benefit from people smuggling, we also need to provide safety for those escaping war and persecution and not lose sight of our humanitarian nature which defines the generosity and spirit of our United Kingdom."