Beattie looks ahead to historic Coronation of King Charles III

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Beattie looks ahead to historic Coronation of King Charles III

UUP Leader Doug Beattie MC MLA said:

“This will be a momentous weekend for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and all those who cherish the Royal Family.  The passing of the much-loved Elizabeth II brought the end of an era that was all many of us knew.  The Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla marks the beginning of a new chapter for our Nation.  The preparations alone for the day have been a sight to behold and I am looking forward to being in our Nation’s capital to attend the Coronation and celebrate the crowning of our new Monarch.     


“It has been seventy years since the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which makes this remarkable event all the more special as many of us will be witnessing the ceremony taking place for the first time.  It will also be symbolic of how the world has progressed and become more connected as many millions will be able to watch it as it happens, no matter where they live.  


“Locally I know many will be looking forward to watching the Coronation with friends and family and enjoying street parties that are taking place across Northern Ireland.  It will be a time for community and coming together to mark this historic moment.”