Aiken welcomes award of Royal Navy contract to Harland & Wolff

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Aiken welcomes award of Royal Navy contract to Harland & Wolff

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Finance Spokesperson, Steve Aiken OBE MLA, has welcomed today’s announcement that three Royal Navy support ships are to be built in Belfast after a Harland & Wolff led consortium was selected as the preferred bidder.  

Steve Aiken, who is a Royal Navy veteran, said:

“The awarding of a £1.6 Bn contract to build three support ships for the Royal Navy to a consortium led by Harland & Wolff is indeed great news which will be welcomed by all.

“This contract will result in the resumption of ship-building at Harland and Wolff and is a huge vote of confidence in our maritime industries. It represents a tremendous opportunity to create new high quality manufacturing jobs that we can sustain well into the future. These ships will provide vital support to the Royal Navy at sea, assist in the defence of the UK and help us support our allies and engage in humanitarian missions around the globe.  

“With Artemis leading the way in new low-emission shipping technology and the improvements and developments in the Port of Belfast itself, there can be no doubt that this announcement marks the renaissance, in the 21st century, of our historic connection with the sea.

“Harland &Wolff last built a ship in 2003, so it will be a moment of great pride to see ships built in Belfast leaving from our shores again.